Invest in yourself … you’re worth it

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“Invest in yourself….You’re worth it! ”

I originally started working out with Sheila after the birth of my 3rd child in 2000, during our 6 months together she created this mean body machine,… it took 100% dedication, and I until then had never been so fit.

Time goes on, you get busy & a little older & your body changes. As my kids were growing up, I was finding more personal time on my hands to dedicate to my level of fitness…I didn’t hesitate to contact Sheila again, so in the fall, of 2013 I got really serious about my training…it was the BEST investment I ever made! The past 15 months 2-3 times a week have not only strengthened & tones my body, but also changed my confidence through empowerment & self-discipline… I feel strong, lean, and am incredibly happy with my results.

Sheila gave me the skill & know how to build a healthier body, understand why food choices are so important &with that naturally comes improved self confidence. I have a completely different outlook on life & when my friends & family compliment me on my new fit and trim body, I say, “its hard work…there are no short cuts..So if you are serious & want to get it done RIGHT..go see Sheila”.

Thanks Sheila! We Rocked it girl!
Lori Gordon