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At a young age, Shayle Renée developed a burning curiosity for living a healthier lifestyle which quickly turned into a passion for the powerful nature of consuming whole foods, natural healing remedies, movement and helping others. She took this curiosity and began exploring her education with a Psychology and Sport Science degree and once completed, chose to follow her passion for health. In 2017, Shayle graduated as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and in 2018, completed her BCRPA Personal Training Certification

I work with my clients on their habits surrounding food, health and overall well being. My passion is to help people create a sustainable, strong and nourished life!

Shayle Renée

markPhysiotherapist Mark Kildaw owns Ironsport Physio in Penticton BC. He provides excellent individualized treatment of high level athletes and people from all walks of life. Mark has specialized training in Active Release Techniques, Acupuncture, Graston Technique and therapeutic exercises.

Over the past 8 years he has worked in conjunction with Sheila Kamaraus to help improve the overall fitness and health of numerous patients. Sheila’s Personal Training dedication to proper form and progression of exercises has had a tremendous impact on her clients, allowing them to realize fantastic functional strength gains, without compromising their technique and putting them at risk of injury.

Sheila is quick to spot potential musculoskeletal problems in her clients, which allows issues to be addressed with minimal disruption to their fitness goals. It is comforting to know that any patients who are sent to Sheila will benefit from her expertise and safe workout programs.

Mark Kildaw

cindyAs a Physiotherapist I have had the pleasure of working with Sheila and her wonderful clients for the last 5 years. Sheila is a dedicated Personal Trainer that strives to help her clients achieve their best possible outcomes in a safe and healthy manner.

It has been a good fit between her motivational forms of teaching with my active and hands on approach to rehabilitation using everything from ART ®, acupuncture, manual therapy and specific exercises / exercise modification.

Personally, as an active athlete racing in the realms of Ultraman, Iron distance events and "all things ultra" I feel that I can relate with challenges large and small faced by individuals striving to be their physical best. Rehabilitation, fitness, health and fun is a group effort!

Tracey McQuair BScPT, BScKin

Please feel free to contact me to help you on your journey:

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