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The best thing I like about Personal Training? It’s helping people on their fitness destinations.

Your Personal Fitness Training journey takes will power, determination, patience, dedication and hard work.

I am not going to kid you about the hard work (out of your comfort zone) … because that is definitely involved in this process.

The result is not only you reaching your place of contentment but also a feeling of empowerment from the inside. Not only will you have transformed yourself on the outside, you will have greater confidence, self-esteem, more belief in your abilities that you will carry with you in your everyday life. Your energy will increase, you will walk taller, proud and strong.

Your Personal Training journey will begin with an hour consultation. Here we discuss your short and long term goals, go over any medical concerns, time of day, location of training sessions, number of sessions per week, and the duration of our training.

From our first Personal Training session, not only will I motivate, educate, encourage, and challenge you within your safety zone of your maximum output, there will NOT be one workout the same as the one before. That is my specialty, and I put my heart into every workout plan, because when you succeed, I am happy.

As I am the "PRO" in program design, you can expect me to use my experience and creativity in this area to give your body what it doesn’t expect each and every workout. This will force your body to respond automatically, as long as you help me… by giving me your 100% effort! You and me = TEAM.

If you are ready to commit, putting in the 100% effort and dedication it takes to succeed, then read and fill out the waiver forms, including the client and trainer agreement form.

A Testimonial

Sheila Kamaraus came highly recommended by a friend who used her Personal Training expertise to train for a bikini contest. I had no intention of entering such a contest, however was amazed to see how Sheila had transformed this woman’s body! I had been doing Cross Fit, 3 times a week for 2 years and was eating a Paleo diet. Needless to say, this was not working for me! My body fat percentage was too high, probably due to the intense exercise regime combined with the high fat diet. Sheila came to my rescue!

The first thing she did was to take my measurements and took note of any imbalances showing on my body. One arm was bigger and one thigh! My regular exercise program had me visiting the Chiropractor constantly! It’s a good thing I’m married to one! When I was training with Sheila, one thing I noticed was her obsession with correct form and posture. This is important to prevent injuries and in order to preform the exercise properly. This woman knows her stuff! I trained with Sheila for 3 months, 3 times a week and remained injury free the entire time!

Sheila transformed my body! Last summer was the first time in my life that I wore a bikini at the beach and didn’t worry the entire time about how terrible I looked. My husband was amazed at the results Sheila got! She is the number one personal trainer that my husband, Dr. Shane Carlson of Summerland Family Chiropractic, recommends to his clients. It will be hard and your muscles will hurt, but it will be worth it! You’ve made the right choice if you decide to train with Sheila. She is my secret weapon to get ready for the summer and the beach!

See you soon Sheila!
Niki Carlson BEd., ECE

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