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STRENGTH: Is the foundation of cycling health and success!

  • All cyclists know to go fast they need to train on their bikes.
  • What many fail to realize is that the entire body – all muscle groups, not just the legs work hard to propel the bike to victory.
  • Yes your legs, hips and buttocks do generate the majority of your cycling power, but to stabilize the lower half of your body, you need to have a strong abdomen, back and upper body that work together with your lower half to "crank" out maximum power to the pedals.
  • Without full body strength training from your neck to your feet, your back, shoulders, and hips can give you problems due to lack of proper consistent training in the gym, and most importantly hinder your progress on the bike.
  • Not only is it important to strength train during the off season, but also thru out the entire year for maintenance and to condition ea muscle group giving you the best performance on your bike!
  • The exercises and program designs that will be given to you will be chosen for you specifically, and will match your cycling needs exclusively assisting you in meeting your true potential.
  • Cycling like any other sport requires the athlete to have a strong solid base.

    This is the key to:

    • top performance
    • avoiding injuries
    • achieving longevity in the sport

I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you attain your cycling aspirations while maintaining an injury free, strong muscular chain from head to toe, front to back.

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