Labor – Birth – Recovery
Pregnant Woman"Sheila’s knowledge and expertise not only taught me how to integrate proper breathing into each exercise, she guided my stretching and fitness programs throughout each trimester, preparing me for labour. I felt empowered and ready!!
Thank you Sheila for all of your support!

We will not be just exercising.

We will be using deliberate, intentional body movements that challenge you now and prepare your body for the Main Event: Labor, Birth and Recovery.

Your Training Will:

  • Be specific for each Trimester
  • Include strength and endurance exercises to help support increased breast size, additional weight and postural changes
  • Strength exercises for the abdominals so as to provide stability and support for your spine
  • Upper and lower body stretch and release work
  • Pelvic floor exercises which aid in maintaining proper spinal alignment and support of the pelvic organs
  • Assist in physical reconditioning and to establish a regular exercise routine after delivery
  • Assist in realistic expectations for your post natal recovery period, as the span of time may take to recover can vary widely

    Handouts Will be Available To You On:

    • Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy
    • Weight Gain During Pregnancy
    • Essential Nutrients During Pregnancy
    • Common complaints and Problems During pregnancy and Solutions
  • A few Positive Benefits to Getting Fit For Birth:

    • Prevents Excessive Weight Gain
    • Shorter and Less Complicated Labor and Delivery
    • Fewer Episodes of Nausea, Fatigue, Constipation and Varicose Veins
    • Counteracts the Feeling of Stress, Anxiety, and even Depression
    • Maintenance of good posture and Reduction of Low Back Pain and Discomfort
    • Lower incidence of Urinary Incontinence

Exercise better enables the body to grow your little treasure, manage the changes that will occur and quiet your mind.

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