Your Progressive Elite Personal Fitness Trainer of “the Champions”
Sheila Kamaraus
Sheila Kamaraus views all of her clients as champions. We all have our own personal reasons, goals, aspirations, & athletic endeavors we want to achieve. This is going to take our "inner champion" to come forth in desire, determination dedication, patience and strong will.

Since Sheila herself, has been an avid athlete in a wide variety of individual and team sports since junior high, she has experienced and understands the highs, lows, struggles personal sacrifices, and the spirit of oneself it takes to keep going forward, even though life throws us curveballs. She too at times knows what its like to want to give up and throw in the towel.

Whether you are in her camp, individual Personal Training/Sport Specific or Golf Conditioning, sheila will use her passion, dedication, expertise, and creativity to help you succeed!

WHY? Simple. She loves what she does. You know how you say some people are born to do something? Well Sheila believes she was born to be a Personal Fitness Trainer, and she also truly believes we can all be the champions that are in all of us.

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